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Alotta Gelato - Current Flavors
A list of flavors of gelato (Italian ice cream) currently available at Alotta Gelato in Silver City, NM (USA)
Alotta Gelato - Cream Flavors
The following Cream flavors are available:
Alotta Gelato - Fruit Flavors (dairy-free)
The following dairy-free Fruit flavors are available:
Alotta Gelato - Sugar-Free Flavors
The following Sugar-Free flavors are available:
Alotta Gelato - Pre-Packed Flavors
The following flavors are available in our "Grab & Go" Pre-Pack freezer case:
Alotta Gelato - Flavors "On Vacation"
The following flavors are not currently available (hence "On Vacation"):
Alotta Gelato - Notes
Updated: Sat, 18 Apr 2015 01:31:16 GMT
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